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Pandemic's WW2 action-adventure game Saboteur was expected to hit stores sometime in the beginning of 2009. Unfortunately, the release date is now vaguer and further away.

EA's earnings report, released late last week, mentioned that Saboteur has been delayed until the company's 2010 fiscal year, which runs from April 2009 to March 2010. The reasons for the delay are unknown but Pandemic is releasing Lord of the Rings: Conquest on January 13th so it's possible they're just feeling the crunch on that particular project and don't have time for sabotagin'.

Saboteur is a stealth action game in which players control a lone freedom fighter trying to weaken the Nazi forces occupying France during World War 2. It's an interesting premise and could be a shot in the arm for the fatigued World War 2 action sub-genre - but we'll hold off on hyping the damn thing until there's a more tangible release window.

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