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Saints Row 4 Commander In Chief Edition Is Free Pre-Order Upgrade

Saints Row 4 Commander in Chief Edition

Saints Row 4 publisher Deep Silver announced today that gamers who pre-order the open-world crime title will receive a free upgrade to the Commander in Chief Edition. The Commander in Chief Edition, available globally, provides three bonus in-game items.

SR4, previously intended as a Saints Row 3 expansion called Enter the Dominatrix, begins with the Saints leader becoming President. Their leadership skills are soon put to the test when aliens invade. The Third Street Saints are imprisoned in a virtual version of Steelport. They must escape this simulation and defeat the extraterrestrials.

The CiC bundle unlocks an Uncle Sam uniform so players can look appropriately patriotic. They can also wield a new weapon called simply 'Merica. 'Merica is a flamethrower/rocket launcher/machine gun/shotgun that should reduce any enemies to a bloody mess.

The third and final offering in the Commander in Chief bundle is the Screaming Eagle jet. This aircraft, modeled after a bald eagle, has dual rocket launchers. It can also produce a "Sonic Scream" to stun nearby foes.

Saints Row 4 will launch worldwide in August. Deep Silver also plans to release a Collector's Edition of the game, but the contents of that bundle have yet to be announced.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.