Artifice Studio released a new gameplay walkthrough video showcasing 11 whole minutes of in-game action. I really can't tell you how cool this game is until you see it in action. The concept and mechanics are executed quite well and it's one of the few action-oriented tower-defense games that has story-based gameplay elements and a strong sense of lore to fuel the strategy. Artifice is hoping the video will entice gamers enough to vote for the project on Steam's Greenlight.

We briefly covered Sang-Froid when it was announced back in late June. I was very impressed with the game and wanted to see more...a lot more. Well, today we get to see more.

The base concept is that two lumberjack brothers have to protect their sister from evil. Werewolves and other mythical creatures (but mostly just werewolves) are sent to take the lumberjack's sister while destroying everything in their wake. The objective, for players, is to protect the home of the lumberjacks as well as safe-guard the farm and surrounding buildings.

Players will need to use wits, traps, melee and shooting skills to overcome the odds because unlike a lot of other games, player-characters are the inferior creatures this time around.

I think it's the setup that works so well. In a lot of tower-defense games they don't have a strong sense of character or lore about them, certainly not in the way that Sang-Froid does. I like the wintery Canadian atmosphere and the fact that purchasing items, weapons, gear and blessings come from places that make sense. The traps are also well done and fit in well with the trap-hunter kind of mentality, so it should be easy (even for non-strategy games) to understand and utilize a lot of the towers in the game.

Sang-Froid mixture of real-time combat, map defense gameplay and deep, realized lore should really help it stand out in the fold. I'm hoping the game comes to fruition on Steam via the Greenlight and hopefully we can see a port over to the home consoles thereafter...maybe.

You can learn more about Sang-Froid by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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