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With EA stepping in and helping Funcom finish off The Secret World, gamers will soon be able to delve deep into all the mythos from various cultures and urban legends. Helping to promote the game is a new developer documentary featuring an in-depth look at the plot and story of The Secret World.

Storylines in MMOs are a bit of tricky business because player characters attached to an evolving story can be difficult to do when you have a 1000 or more characters all trying to complete the same story mission. Nevertheless, I’m sure Funcom is taking the same route that BioWare is taking with the story development…breaking down story quests based on player parties and whatnot.

So far, the game looks like it’s a slight combination of APB: Reloaded meets Supernatural, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

You can check out the new dev doc below or sign-up for the newsletter at the Official Website to keep up to date with Funcom’s The Secret World.