See An Expanded Look At The World of Mad Max In The Latest Trailer

In the Wasteland from Mad Max: Fury Road, it's every man for himself. In the Mad Max video game adaptation, it's the same story, only with a lot more introspection. 

Warner Bros. released the latest trailer for its upcoming Mad Max game based on the same universe right before Gamescom in Germany got officially underway, subtitled "Stronghold."

In it we have a gratuitous look at what to expect from those who frequent the several different areas of the vast expanse of the desert we saw in the movie. We're also treated to a little more information about what, exactly, their personal motivations may be. Oh, and a whole lot of looking within from Max. For an action-packed adrenaline rush of a video game, this trailer seems jam-packed with soul-searching moments for our titular character. 

From the souped-up, ridiculously tricked out rides from the beginning of the trailer and in the popular film, everything about Mad Max, even in video game form, is about excess.

The War Boys want a piece of you every where you go, even as Max puts the pedal to the medal and burns rubber across the dunes with a photo of what we assume are his wife and daughter tucked into his dashboard. 

He meets friends and make several enemies during his travel, though it isn't immediately obvious from the trailer who'll end up being his allies and who wants to kill him rather than look at him -- well, some of it isn't obvious. I got that the customers who immediately tried to set him on fire probably weren't big fans. 

But from the trailer it's a little hard to see what, exactly, you might be able to expect from the game itself. How does it play? Who and what do you get to control proper? Will we see any reprisals from the movie itself? And most importantly, how long of a game are we looking at, here? Avalanche Games has a lot to let us know about, especially given the fact that the game is poised for a September launch.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be releasing around that time as well, so it's going to be difficult to wrangle fans who have already decided they're going to go full Konami with their wallets. Will Mad Max live up to the hype? Only time will tell.