I know it’s the holidays, but now it’s time to get Serious. And by Serious, of course I mean Serious Sam, one of the baddest mo-fos to ever pick up a rocket launcher. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, the festive folks at Croteam, Devolver Digital and Mastertronic are of the opinion that you deserve a present or two. That’s why they’ve marked down pretty much all things Serious Sam related for a special holiday sale on the Xbox Live Arcade.

While the Serious Sam sale begins today, no end date has been attached to the promotion. That being the case, you’ll likely want to move quickly if anything catches your eye, as there’s no telling when these glad tidings might come to an end.

So how “glad” are these tidings? Try 50 percent off everything Serious Sam. That includes Serious Sam 3: BFE, the Jewel of the Nile DLC pack and Serious Sam HD: The First and Second Encounters, all for 600MSP a pop.

And to help keep things extra festive, you’ll also be able to download some Santa-themed skins to take into the co-op and competitive online portions of Serious Same 3: BFE.

According to a statement from the publisher, the Serious Sam collection of games offers a “high-octane alternative to today’s plodding military shooting ranges.” Oh, snap. You hear that, military first-person shooters? Serious Sam is putting its money where its mouth is. And I mean that quite literally, as we’re currently talking about a 50 percent off XBLA sale.

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