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Activision’s first-person time-traveling shooter disappeared off the radar for a while, but now it’s back with a brand new trailer, a solid release date and a few screenshots. The game doesn’t look half bad from what we’ve been shown but there’s something about Singularity that reeks of been-there-done-that syndrome.

Visually, the game has everything in place to make it feel like a big-budget shooter; borrowing elements from the likes of Resistance: Fall of Man and Doom 3. However, Singularity’s biggest problem is that it comes on the heels of original titles using time and space-continuum manipulation such as Prey and TimeShift.

Nevertheless, if the gameplay is diverse enough it could find its own two legs to stand on in during a generation of gaming where the first-person shooter genre is currently over-crowding the market. You can check out the new screenshots and video trailer below or visit the Official Website for more information. Singularity is due out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on June 29th.

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