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I’m definitely not going to try to explain the entire story behind Activision’s upcoming shooter game for the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, I will say that the game mixes in a lot of elements from experimental titles such as Prey and Timeshift. To further exemplify this point, we have some new screenshots of Singularity.

Using a funny looking arm device, similar to Cortez’s gravity band on TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, gamers will be able to manipulate all kinds of physical and environmental properties in Singularity, resulting in some amazing displays of visual ingenuity.

Time warping, dimension hopping, gravity bending and quantum manipulation all play a significant and unique part in the gameplay for this ambitious FPS. Some of these features are readily available for perusal in the screenshots below, which showcase all kinds of disintegrations, burning bodies and a host of other destructive actions. The game could be a huge hit or a giant flop based on how the developers iron out all these nifty functions. We would hate to see a Blinx 2 come out of this original title…and we all know how far from the ‘good’ mark Blinx 2 was.

Anyway, for more information about Singularity you can check out the Official Website. For more gaming news, info, updates, insight, screenshots and everything else in between, be sure to stay finely tuned in with Blend Games.