Skullgirls is set to receive an update on the PlayStation 3 this week with an Xbox 360 update to follow sometime in the future. For virtual pugilists still duking it out on in one of the best original fighters to come along in a quite a while, Skullgirls is about to receive a nice coat of additional polish and even some additional content.

Sadly, said additional content does not include any of the new fighters hinted at throughout the fighting game's storyline. But just because we aren't getting any new fighters doesn't mean we can't be excited for in-game move lists, more fleshed out tutorials, a new Tournament Mode and a merging of several English-speaking servers.

Skullgirls is, hands down, one of my favorite titles to come out this year. A download-only brawler, the game pits multiple female fighters against one another in one of the smoothest, most creative and stunningly gorgeous fighting games on the market.

With only a small development team working on the title, it's no surprise that this first major update to the game has taken quite a few months to go live. All of the patch updates can be found over on Shoryuken, which will be made available on the PS3 version of the game this Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Keep in mind that this is a massive list of improvements, so you had better get those reading glasses ready. Boatloads of new options have been added, all color palettes have been unlocked and each of the game's eight fighters have received some additional fine-tuning.

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