The open-world action game Sleeping Dogs will be celebrating Halloween. Square Enix revealed this weekend that they're going to release a DLC pack that pays tribute to the spookiest of all holidays.

In "Nightmare in North Point," a gang member has been tortured and killed by the Triads. However, he unexpectedly comes back to life and brings with him an army of undead. Wei Shen, the player character, will have to stop this zombie menace from taking over Hong Kong.

Polygon was able to see a live demo of this DLC. They reported that Wei Shen will also have to face off against Jiang Shi, or Chinese vampires. Fortunately, he'll have some new weapons at his disposal. He can slay vampires with a peach wood sword or use a lightning fists ability.

So yeah, it's a pretty goofy piece of DLC. If you'd rather Sleeping Dogs continue to be a realistic action game, though, you'll have plenty of other options for DLC. Square Enix will also be releasing SWAT team and street racing content this month.

"Nightmare" will be released on October 30th. The price wasn't mentioned. However, expect to pay at least something for it because it adds several hours of gameplay to the game.

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