Slender The Arrival Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

Blue Isle Studios is currently working on the eighth-gen console port for Slender: The Arrival, the mystery horror game that previously made waves on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is set for launch on the consoles on March 24th for the PS4 and March 25th for the Xbox One.

Game Informer spotted the news about the new release date, which is set for the end of next month. This follows on the game recently having received a teaser trailer that gives gamers an idea on what to expect from what some might consider to be a “walking simulator”.

The re-release on the Xbox One and PS4 will put players in the role of Lauren as she searches for her missing friend Kate. It's believed that Kate was taken by the ghastly horror entity known as Slender Man. You can check out the teaser trailer released earlier in February below, it's just under a minute long and really doesn't show you much of anything you haven't already seen before.

The real news here is actually that Slender: The Arrival is building brand worth.

After starting off as a bit of a viral campaign by Parsec Productions, Slender the game, began growing and growing. It managed to move onward and upward through the ranks on Steam Greenlight, becoming one of the early titles on the service to graduate into a spot on the Steam store.

Slender: The Arrival has a simple enough design, with players exploring various abandoned areas in search of clues while attempting to avoid Slender Man.

The game uses a procedural random enemy encounter mechanism so that the play experience is never really the same each time you play through.

Due to the game's randomness and the way Slender Man can't really be predicted on where he'll show up or how he'll attack you, it makes Slender: The Arrival this unpredictable experience that's ripe for YouTube Let's Plays.

The game has the potential to hit an even larger audience by tapping the console market, where gamers may not have been entirely aware of The Arrival. It's one of the titles that has managed to garner a strong following just based on word of mouth and the burgeoning promotional strength of the YouTube gaming scene. Other games that have seen major success without the traditional publisher structure is DayZ, Minecraft and Garry's Mod to name but a few.

I'm kind of curious how well the console crowd will take to Slender: The Arrival. It's not a traditional horror game like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, and the emergent factor of having an unpredictable nemesis may or may not make eighth-gen console owners fawn over the game's design.

I guess we'll find out how well the PS4 and Xbox One gaming market takes to Slender: The Arrival when the game launches on March 24th for the PS4 and March 25th for the Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.