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Sonic the Hedgehog might have originated on a console but he won't snub the PC for his twentieth anniversary. Today Sega confirmed that Sonic Generations is being prepared for a PC release as well.

In Generations, a time hole sucks up all of Sonic's friends and scatters them throughout time. Modern and classic Sonic must team up and make their way through levels inspired by previous games in the series.

"Sonic Generations for PC digital includes Steamworks features such as Steam Cloud, which allows save files to be stored on Steam’s servers so you can resume your game progress from any PC," said Sega on the company blog. "As with the other console platforms, Sonic Generations will be available to play in full stereoscopic 3D and will contain Achievements and online leaderboards. The PC version will also support resolutions up to 1080p."

The PC version of Generations will be available digitally on November 1st in North America and on November 4th in Europe. Boxed copies of the PC edition will be available exclusively in Europe later in the month.

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