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Bloodborne is here, and apparently it’s a rad, crimson-splashed trek through yet another top-tier action game from the folks at From Software. It’s also, apparently, pretty-dang difficult. Luckily, the folks at PlayStation have put together a collection of 24 tips to help you survive the night.

Coming from the folks responsible for the Souls series, it should come as no surprise that Bloodborne, along with having heaps of praise poured upon it, is every bit as difficult as its spiritual predecessors. It’s just you and a trusty assortment of weapons, tasked with slaughtering an army of nightmare creatures spread throughout a gothic, oppressively bleak city.

According to the early reviews, Bloodborne nails other aspects of the Souls formula too. So, if you love difficult games, I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to read any further. But PlayStation Blog Social Media Senior Manager Sid Shuman has compiled a rather impressive list of helpful tips for newly enlisted hunters.

Part of the joy of the Souls series and, thus, Bloodborne, is figuring things out for yourself. Whether it's discovering secret areas and shortcuts or sussing out the best way to gather resources, craft weapons or best a particular enemy, these games have a real knack for making you feel like a brainiac. Then again, a few helpful pointers never hurt anyone. If nothing else, skimming this list might help you squeak past a particularly troublesome part of the game or prevent you from wasting time by running around in circles. You may also spare yourself some heartache by figuring out where you want to devote your resources early on.

In other words: Read at your own risk.

I’ve gone through the whole list and feel like Shuman did a good job keeping the tips general while also keeping them, you know, helpful. Some Souls players feel that absolutely any information pertaining to the game is a “spoiler.” So, again, I’ll leave it up to you.

And with that, happy hunting. Also, feel free to share some of your own tips in the comments below. Just please remember to keep them general.