In yet another jam-packed week on the PlayStation Network, shambling zombies on the PlayStation 4 are joined by a blue-haired idol on the PlayStation Vita and a bunch of foul-mouthed kids from Colorado on the PlayStation 3. It’s an eclectic mix of subjects and genres, offering a little something for everyone.

Where do you even begin on a week featuring such a scattershot of content like the one set to be hosed on the PlayStation Network? I suppose we could go ahead and jump directly to one of the most hotly anticipated RPGs to ever grace the PlayStation 3, the often-delayed and now finally releasing South Park: The Stick of Truth. Coming from the insane minds responsible for the popular television program and the development team at Bethesda, The Stick of Truth puts the player in the shoes of “the new kid,” the latest resident in the snowy town of South Park and, as legend foretells, possibly the only person capable of turning the tide in an epic struggle to control the most powerful bit of wood known to mankind. Expect lots of laughs and profanity in this game adaptation of the series that refuses to acknowledge any topic as “inappropriate,” with characters popping up from all corners of the show’s storied history.

The PS3 is getting some additional love this week in the form of NASCAR ‘14, for fans of turning left, as well as indie first-person puzzle suspense game, Master Reboot. In the future of Master Reboot, people can be buried in a Soul Cloud, basically a simulated collection of all their best memories. When the player wakes up inside one of these Soul Clouds, unaware of who they are or what memories they are exploring, a journey of discovery begins.

There’s also a PS2 Classic hitting the virtual store shelves this week in the form of strategy RPG Growlanser: Heritage of War. In this one, you’ll be able to “forge relationships and fight for peace in a journey that spans generations,” according to the official announcement.

PlayStation Vita gamers will have plenty of reason to tap their toes and bob their heads this week as the vocaloids finally arrive on Sony’s portable console. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f offers up more than 30 songs for players to master in this portable version of the PS3 hit, featuring the same abundance of modes and character customization options, meaning you’ll be able to dress up various idols and see them perform while working your way through increasingly difficult button-mashing songs.

Finally, the PS4 is getting a pair of new games this week, both being enhanced versions of PS3 titles. Awesomenauts Assemble beefs up the 2D MOBA action with new characters, maps and all of that strategic gameplay series fans have grown to love. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition similarly enhances the two-stick zombie shooting action game, adding shiny new graphics, new modes and more.

Look for all of that on your PlayStation console of choice once the PlayStation Network weekly update goes live tomorrow afternoon.

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