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Someone finally got around to making a video game based on the Starz series Spartacus. Ubisoft is developing Spartacus Legends for an early 2013 release on unspecific consoles.

Legends allows players to become a gladiator. Players will be able to take on the role of Spartacus, Crixus, or their own custom character. The game's said to have thousands of weapon combos as well as a "robust" skill system, so you'll have plenty of ways to kill people.

Liam McIntyre, the actor who plays Spartacus in the show, lent his voice and likeness to the game. Presumably Manu Bennett (who plays Crixus) did the same - or so you'd hope. Crixus wouldn't sound right with someone else's "three packs of cigarettes a day" voice.

In Legends, you'll train at the ludus and then rise to become a champion of the arena. You can play alone or with friends via offline or online multiplayer modes. Leaderboards will track the performance of aspiring gladiators across the world.

Legends will be playable at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. The game will be on display at the Starz Media booth on the show floor.

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