We still don't know exactly how Sam Fisher got younger but he's managed to knock off at least 15 years, slim down and somehow get angrier than a 14 year old, angst-ridden teen on anabolic steroids. Sam shows off some of that angst in the new trailer called “Fifth Freedom”, where a splinter cell gets to do what they do best.

If you're a fan of the old, subtle storylines about political espionage and slow-build tension, you can forget about that being in the newest Splinter Cell. It's all about Hollywood sized plots aimed at the PG-13 crowd with plenty of explosions, lots of bloodletting and a protagonist who happens to be very angry for the purpose of being angry. Check it out below.

I imagine this will be like a more honed, fleshed-out, stealth rendition of Gears of War...for gamers who love doing all that shooting but want to feel like there's a bit more intelligence involved.

While many gamers screamed and hollered that Michael Ironside was replaced with a much younger actor due to the new mo-cap and voice-acting process that Ubisoft is utilizing, at least Ironside is providing narration. That's something, right....right?!

Anyway, the game looks like it provides quite a punch, and even if it's not as smart, politically challenging or morally ambiguous as the first three games (and a little bit of the fourth), it'll probably provide gamers with a ton of testosterone-filled action from start to finish, just like the Halos, Gears of Wars, Assassin's Creeds and KillZones...right where a taut, thinking-man's stealth game belongs, eh?


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