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Sony knows how much you kids love your hippidy-hop music and whatnot, which is why they’ve penned a deal with Spotify to bring its services to the PlayStation family of consoles. And, oh look, it arrives today!

Earlier this year, Sony announced that it would be partnering with Spotify to enhance its music offerings through the PlayStation Network. According to a recent PlayStation Blog post from Sony Network Entertainment VP Eric Lempel, the newly dubbed “PlayStation Music” program will offer tunes via Spotify for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xperia mobile devices.

The initial rollout happens this very day, reaching 41 worldwide markets. This is the latest move in a long-running push to make game consoles into full entertainment devices. More and more apps have been piled onto pretty much every home and portable console known to man over the past half-decade, including the likes of Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, HBO Go and the like. Everything from sports programming providers to live concerts is covered, giving gamers something else to do with their consoles when they aren’t too busy playing Bloodborne or Destiny.

Sony recently took a big step into the television market recently with the limited launch of PlayStation Vue and, with this Spotify deal, they’re looking to make an even bigger footprint in the realm of music.

“Spotify is the exclusive partner of PlayStation Music, and with more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists, PS4 users can soundtrack their gaming sessions with their favorite songs,” said Lempel. “To make controlling your music even easier, PS4 and PS3 users will be able to take advantage of the Spotify Connect feature on the official Spotify app for Android/iOS. You can select a playlist, skip songs, adjust the volume and more.”

In case that wasn’t clear enough, the answer is yes, you can have Spotify running in the background while playing your games.

All you have to do is make a Spotify account or link an existing account to your PlayStation Network and you’re good to go. There’s also a Premium service option for 10 bucks a month, for those who want to take their music to the next level. If you currently have a Music Unlimited account, you can also receive two months of access to Spotify Premium at no extra charge. There’s also a month-long free trial for folks who haven’t used Spotify before.

Eric Lempel goes on to explain that the Spotify services provided through PlayStation Music will continue to evolve, though no word yet on what those planned features or services might entail.

I almost always prefer to listen to the game’s audio while playing, but I know there are a lot of folks out there who like to listen to their own music while tackling their games. Hopefully this will help streamline that process.