Square Enix is looking to expand its operations in Canada. They're gearing up to open a second development studio there.

It's estimated that this new studio will house at least 100 employees and focus on games for next-generation consoles. Square is considering Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Eidos Montreal director Stephane D'Astous is currently negotiating tax incentives and subsidies with local officials.

"The negotiating process has begun," D'Astous told La Presse Affaires (via Joystiq. "Each city has its advantages. Vancouver has plenty of manpower available with all the closures of studios there. People in Toronto are excessively business. Montreal has an established reputation and a great creative potential. "

A decision on the new studio's location could be made by the end of May. Square Enix hopes to have the developer up and running by 2012.

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