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One publisher's trash is another one's treasure. Square Enix has decided it will publish the open-world action game True Crime: Hong Kong, which Activision had cancelled earlier in the year.

"When we met the team at United Front Games, it was a done deal in our eyes," Square Enix London Studios general manager Lee Singleton told Gamasutra. "We instantly recognized the huge potential in the game and the team. UFG is an incredibly talented team, who have individually worked on some of the biggest games in our industry, and this talent shines through from the moment you walk in the door."

Activision cancelled Hong Kong in February. In a later interview, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said that the game's delays led to a ballooning budget. It would've had to have been a huge success in order to make it worth Activision's investment. The publisher ultimately felt that "the finished product was not going to be at the top of that genre."

The development team at UFG was scaled back after Activision killed the game. Now that it's been resurrected, though, the developer is staffing back up. They're trying to recruit personnel who had previously worked on the game.

Will the change in publisher result in a different game? Maybe. At least one thing has to change for certain: the name. Square Enix only bought this project, not the True Crime brand, from Activision. Next time you see True Crime: Hong Kong, it'll be called something else.

There's a possibility that Hong Kong's platforms may change as well. The game was originally being developed for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Singleton declined to tell Gamasutra anything about the game's formats, though.