Think you’ve squeezed every bit of entertainment out of your copy of The Amazing Spider-Man? Think again, buck-o. Four DLC packs are headed to the PlayStation Network tomorrow, giving players the chance to play as the Lizard, rage as the Rhino and even take to the streets as a web-slinging Stan Lee.

Stan Lee is already in damn-near every Marvel movie to grace the silver screen, so why not start putting him into the movie tie-in games, too? Apparently Beenox was thinking the exact same thing, as the granddaddy of comics will be made into a playable character in one of four DLC packs hitting The Amazing Spider-Man during the PSN’s regularly scheduled update tomorrow afternoon. Lee even did his own voice work for the content, which sees him exploring the city on the lookout for the missing pages of his latest script.

The second DLC pack is the “Rhino Challenge,” which puts you in the hooves of Spider-Man’s horned nemesis as you try to cause as much damage on the city streets as humanly possible. Your best times and scores can even be uploaded to the online leaderboards.

Third, we have the “Oscorp Search and Destroy” pack, which offers two mini-game experiences unlike anything else offered in The Amazing Spider-Man. In these games, you can take control of a giant mechanical robot in an homage to Snake, or blow up invading enemies as a Hunter Robot in an homage to Centipede.

Finally, there’s the “Lizard Rampage” pack which, as its name implies, lets you take control of the Lizard as you try to prevent Oscorp from releasing a deadly toxin by brutalizing towers placed all over the city.

Look for all four packs to hit PSN tomorrow for $3 to $4, or get them all in a bundle for $10. Your call.

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