Star Wars 1313 Concept Art Taunts Us From The Grave

Several pieces of Star Wars 1313 concept art have been released by design studio Filmpaint (via Kotaku). They give us another look at what the cancelled bounty hunter adventure could have been.

The art shows several levels of Coruscant, the urban planet that would have served as Star Wars 1313's central setting. The planet's residents seems to have just added new buildings on top of the old ones, rather than knock anything down. The surface of the planet is dominated by huge spires connected by walkways. The clusters of fluorescent signs make Blade Runner comparisons easy.

The image of the enormous pit should look familiar. We also saw it in the game's cinematic trailer. This chasm is the entrance to Coruscant's underground, where many of the planet's residents live. One image shows a dingier residential area clustered near one of the massive support beams holding up the megacity above.

The lowest level of Coruscant, seen in another picture, is a seemingly abandoned city. I'm sure that something lives there but it's probably not pleasant. Whatever it was, we probably would've met and killed it in Star Wars 1313.

Filmpaint's concept art for the game also features a couple locations far from Coruscant: a shanty town in Tatooine and a train station at Hoth. As far as we knew, Star Wars 1313 took place solely in Coruscant's underground so it's a shock to see these other planets in the gallery. Would the player (a young Boba Fett, by the way) travel to these other planets at some point during the campaign? Maybe Hoth and Tatooine were the beginning and end point of the game, with Coruscant taking up most of the middle?

Keep in mind, though, that the concept art was from 2009. Star Wars 1313 wasn't announced until 2012. Maybe LucasArts was considering several planets for the game at early stages of development before deciding to focus solely on Coruscant.

Maybe it's not worth puzzling over. Star Wars 1313 was apparently cancelled when LucasArts' development arm was shut down. We're just torturing ourselves by thinking about how cool the game could have been.

We may not have to wait long for a story-driven Star Wars game to take our minds off Star Wars 1313, though. Visceral Games is working on a new Star Wars game with Uncharted writer Amy Hennig as creative director.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.