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The hour long gameplay footage of Free Radical's canceled Star Wars: Battlefront III was okay to say the least. In fact, it was obvious it was in rough shape. However, a more complete version of the latest alpha build was released in a video from the dissolved development studio that showcases enough gameplay to keep you screaming “holy sh*t” throughout the entire thing.

DSO Gaming managed to get their hands on the latest bit of leaked assets, and it astounds me that any publisher would forfeit the release of the game in the current state showcased in the video above. I mean, seriously?!

Worse yet is that the production values during the cinematics were top notch – what the game lacked in the latest shiny shader technology, it more than made up for with the character presentations and fight sequences. Unbelievable.

As noted on DSO Gaming, the video above was the phase in which the game had been canceled by LucasArts (who, ironically, is now dissolved as a game development studio). It's crazy because based on that footage above the build looked incredibly delicious. If it were possible, I'm sure many gamers' thumbs would be erect right now (not to say that there aren't other forms of the act occurring anyway).

You can look for Star Wars: Battlefront III never. It won't be appearing at a retailer near you. The game will come with no mentionable pre-order bonuses because you can't pre-order it. Hope you enjoyed the video, because that's as close as you're going to get to playing it, save for Star Wars BattleCry, the fan-made Battlefront clone being made in the CryEngine 3.

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