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Lots of technical video demonstrations have been released recently, showcasing very detailed simulations of some real-world properties. The latest video is from Enodo, a company that specializes in bringing the utilization of 3D technologies into the marketplace for real-world applications.

The trailer is entirely composed of real-time runtime environments completely and entirely designed within the CryEngine 3. While Epic Games may be winning over the crowds with impressive stuff like the Infiltrator tech demo, Crytek is going about the race for technological dominance in a different way, with clean and sleek tech demos for slightly more real-world applications, such as the soft-body physics demonstrations or the Allegra MMO video.

Crytek so far seems to have the edge up on Epic when it comes to showing gamers, tech enthusiasts and creative digital entertainment artists how their technology can be applied to actual, useful situations involving the CryEngine. For instance, it would be pretty awesome playing an open-world game with vehicle physics featured in the soft-body demo. The Allegra demo gives gamers an idea of how animation-free cloth physics can affect the way characters are presented and help bring the world's visual aesthetics to life. The Enodo demo is also a nice showcase of how near photorealistic environments and objects can be presented in the CryEngine and what sort of visual parity artists can achieve, in real-time.

It seems like now more than ever the gaming industry is really picking up a lot of competitive interest within various sectors and I'm absolutely loving it.

You can learn more about Enodo and the CryEngine 3 by paying a kind visit to the Official Website.

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