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Long after Free Radical Studios bit the dust and became enveloped by Crytek, there are still videos surfacing for the canceled Star Wars: Battlefront III. The latest video for the shelved project spotlights the planet Dathomir. Unlike previous videos for Battlefront III, this latest one shows a nearly complete and finished product.

It amazes me this game was so close to being done and was kicked to the curb along with Free Radical. I mean, what kind of moron cancels a near-complete game that was pretty much bound to sell several million on namesake alone? That's not to mention that if the game was actually good the word of mouth sales would have given it a nice long shelf life. Oh well, sometimes idiocy can't always be explained.

You can check out the new video of the long-canceled but not long-forgotten Battlefront III below, courtesy of Past to Present Online.

Star Wars: Battlefront III is currently canceled for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You won't be able to get your hands on the game anytime soon, and it probably would have released for $59.99 and would have been rated 'T' for Teen.

You can vent your frustrations by watching more canceled footage of Battlefront III over on YouTube or sit in a room and hope that Disney's control over the Star Wars license will bring to fruition some decent Star Wars games that aren't Force Unleashed.

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