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If there’s one thing the Star Wars films do well, it’s massive battles full of crazy vehicles and blasters shooting red lasers in every direction. EA and DICE’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront aims to deliver on those epic encounters, too, specifically through the recently announced Fighter Squadron mode.

Battlefront Design Director Niklas Fegraeus recently wrote a personal letter to Star Wars fans on the game’s official blog, outlining a couple of the game’s features and promising even more details will be provided on the road to the game’s Nov. 17 launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

One of the modes Fegraeus discussed was Fighter Squadron, which allows players to “engage in huge Starfighter battles over canyons big enough to be truly epic.” While fans may be upset that space shootouts are out of the question for the time being, it looks like Squadron will allow loads of players to go to war, zipping around the game’s biggest maps in vehicles aplenty.

If you prefer to keep things small, though, the team at DICE is also offering “Missions” for players to tackle either solo or co-op. While Battlefront won’t have a proper single payer campaign, Fegraeus explained that these missions will allow players to, for example, fight back against waves of AI opponents or practice their piloting skills by flying through maps and destroying targets.

Fegraeus said this was all born out of a desire to reboot the Battlefront series in a way that would please old school fans and newcomers alike.

“The way we want to do this is by taking inspiration from the old games’ foundations, like the use of both first and third person views and the ability to play as heroes,” he added. “We want to then create a new direction where we add features and capabilities you’ve never seen before.”

Battlefront has been in the news quite a bit as of late, garnering praise and concern in equal measure. The lack of a campaign and space battles, for instance, have people pretty worked up. Allowing multiple views is included in the “yay” column and, while series fans seem to be happy that ironsights will not be added into the new Battlefront, folks more accustomed to games like Call of Duty or Battlefield appear to be annoyed by such a departure from the new norm.

More than anything, though, gamers just want to see the game in action. They won’t have long to wait, as it turns out, with Fegraeus promising actual gameplay footage making its debut during this year’s E3 on June 15.

In the end, so long as the game lives up to Fegraeus’ stated goals, it sounds like we’re in for a wild ride.

“We want Star Wars Battlefront to be not only authentic, but respectful to this universe we all hold so dear,” he said. “…Simply put, we want every fan of Star Wars to feel like this game celebrates this amazing galaxy far, far away and captures that special magic we’ve all fallen in love with.”
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