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Star Wars Battlefront Heroes And Villains Leaked

Star Wars: Battlefront beta testers have been doing some digging through the client's files over the past couple days. In the process, they've found out some of the other iconic characters players can become in the full version.

While players are front-line soldiers in Battlefront, they can become heroes or villains by finding pickups on the battlefield. They can then wreak havoc on their battlefield with a set of special abilities. Their health will decrease over time but a player with enough skill could stay alive for several minutes and change the course of the match.

DICE has revealed Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett to date. The beta client, according to Reddit sleuths, also includes audio files for Han Solo, Princess Leia and Emperor Palpatine. Here are the Emperor's voice clips:

They don't mention exactly how these characters will function in battle but it's easy for any Star Wars fan to guess. Palpatine presumably floats around, cackles a lot and zaps people with force lightning. Han Solo flashes his shit-eating grin and blasts people in the face. And Leia...I guess also shoots people? Or maybe she'll have some of the Force powers she honed after the original trilogy.

If there are only six total in Battlefront, I'd be a bit surprised. While these half-dozen characters are definitely the key players in the Star Wars saga, there are so many other good characters they could include. Chewbacca, Yoda and IG-88 are just a few examples off the top of my head.

Reddit users also found mentions of two modes, Hero Hunt and Hero Battle. Again, no further details but we can make some educated guesses. Hero Hunt might be an infantry-only fight where one player randomly becomes a hero or villain and tries to rack up as many points as possible while enemies try to quickly take them down.

Hero Battle might just be a former name for Hero Hunt. Or it's a fight between multiple heroes and villains, which sounds...bonkers. It would at least satisfy people who just want to play a specific character without having to track down the powerup. I still think it would be kind of imbalanced and silly but that's just me.

Battlefront's beta will run until October 12th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. DICE will then release the game officially on November 17th.

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