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Star Wars: Battlefront isn't out yet but its companion app just launched. You can use this app to get a headstart on the multiplayer shooter.

One major component of the Battlefront app is a game called Base Command. It's a turn-based strategy game in which you have to defend a rebel base from an Imperial attack. The Imperial forces advance from one of four directions and can damage your base once they get to close range. You can fend them off by using units and special abilities.

The game is simple but pretty fun. After the first couple battles, the Imperials will start throwing a lot of units at you. You only have a limited amount of units and abilities to play each round so you're constantly agonizing over how to best use them to keep pressure off your base. DICE plans to add additional missions to Base Command after launch and I could definitely see myself playing them.

If you win a battle of Base Command, you earn credits for your account. These credits can then be spent on unlocking weapons, Star Cards and more for Star Wars: Battlefront. There's a hard limit on how much you can grind up from Base Command before launch; there are only eight battles available right now and you won't gain any extra credits from replaying a battle if you already earned all three stars from it. However, you can easily enough earn credits to at least buy the first two blasters.

Speaking of unlockables, you can also use the companion app to check out the full list. Thanks to prior leaks, there aren't many surprises. The only thing that caught me off-guard was the selection of character heads you can buy. They shocked me a bit just because they seem, well, worthless. Why spend any amount of credits for the Imperial character heads when they're just going to be covered up by stormtrooper masks?

The companion app also shares many similarities with the Battlelog from the Battlefield games. You can use it to check your stats along with your progress in challenges and missions. Everyone's beta stats were wiped, though, so for now all these listings are blank. You can also use the app to keep tabs on your friends or check out news updates straight from the developers.

Battlefront will debut next week on PS4, Xbox One and PC.