Star Wars: The Old Republic Free Trials Coming Tomorrow

Today BioWare announced the first details on Update 1.2 of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The update, dubbed Legacy, adds a wealth of a new content to the game. The company also revealed that they're implementing free trials for the game.

Starting tomorrow, current SW:TOR subscribers can invite friends to play the MMO. The Friends Trial program gives new players a week of free access to the game. They can play all eight classes up to level 15. Trial members will also be able to buy a digital version of the game at a discounted price.

Update 1.2 will implement the long-teased Legacy system. The Legacy experience you've been earning across all your characters will now be put to good use. Players will be able to unlock different species, as well as convenience items like a mailbox and Galactic Trade Network terminal for their ship. Your companions' affection and moral alignment will benefit from your Legacy level as well.

The update adds a Warzone, Operation, and Flashpoint as well. Here are the details on each:

  • Flashpoint: Lost Island continues the Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint from Game Update 1.1 – Rise of the Rakghouls. Players must survive a menacing island of mystery on Ord Mantell as they hunt for clues to the Rakghoul virus outbreak that ravaged the Tion Hegemony. But the answers to this riddle may prove fatal!
  • Operation: Explosive Conflict sends groups of eight or sixteen Imperial or Republic players to a new zone on the planet of Denova, where traitors and mercenaries are selling the rare explosive mineral baradium to the highest bidder. Players will battle through hordes of Droids, mercenaries and deadly creatures all fighting for control of the planet and its valuable resources.
  • Warzone: Novare Coast pits two teams in an epic battle to control multiple mortar locations and use them to bombard vulnerable enemy bases. Like the Huttball Warzone, Novare Coast can be played Republic vs. Empire or with players of the same faction fighting each other in a thrilling contest of wills to determine each side’s greatest champions.

The new content will be accompanied by a number of other oft-requested features like UI customization and Guild Banks. All in all, it sounds like a pretty huge update. Unfortunately, it won't be out this month as was originally planned. BioWare now anticipates an April release.

There is a way to experience Update 1.2 early, though. Last week BioWare asked for guilds to play-test the content. Space in the test is limited but they're still looking for bodies.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.