Star Wars: The Old Republic Struck By Rakghoul Plague

BioWare has launched a surprise event for Star Wars: The Old Republic. A Rakghoul Plague has broken out on the planet of Tattooine and players can catch the nasty disease if they're not careful.

The event is designed for players between levels 20 and 50. It features a variety of daily quests that will force players to face off against the Rakghouls. If you're infected by them, you can get a vaccine from a medical bot.

However, it's a lot more fun and interesting if you don't take the vaccine. You can infect other players and earn DNA samples. These samples, also earned through the dailies, can be turned in for a Rakghoul pet among other rewards.

No word on how long this event will last. A trailer setting up the story for the plague is below.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.