StarCraft 2's imminent expansion Heart of the Swarm will make some dramatic changes to league multiplayer. Blizzard is hoping to make the game more optimal for both beginners and experts.

Currently, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues in SC2 each account for 20% of the player base. Once Heart of the Swarm goes live, the Bronze league will shrink to 8%. Blizzard noticed that under the current system, the most skilled Bronze players were far better than the lowest ranked players. By shrinking the range for Bronze, Blizzard will ensure that the talented competitors can easily move on to Silver.

The Gold league, meanwhile, has been expanded by 32%. The expansion is intended to make that division more inclusive. Perhaps it will encourage these players to keep progressing and striving toward the higher leagues.

Heart of the Swarm will still feature Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grand Master leagues for elite players. Their percentages won't be changed at all.

Blizzard will release Swarm through retailers and their digital store on Tuesday.

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