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Starbound Elevates The Awesome Factor With Mass Effect, Halo Mods

You thought Starbound was cool, huh? You thought Starbound was rocking the sort of features that shimmies your Jimmies, eh? Well prepare to have your knickers popped, as Starbound has elevated the awesome by a magnitude of Mass Effect and a dash of Halo.

Two new amazing mods for the runaway indie success from Chucklefish have been making the rounds: An overhaul featuring Mass Effect and the weapons and armor from Halo.

The Halo mod for the emergent, space-survival game features a cache of weapons and armor, with vehicles and enemies planned for players to experience and encounter in Starbound down the road. As noted in the thread for the mod...

“Xentonic and I, put our valuable free time to work on this mod and to add onto what is already on here. We do this knowing that we have other much more important work to do than this. We do do this so that you, the audience can enjoy what people with the capability to create marvellous things can do and for you to enjoy what we spend our time one. “

It's a slick mod that looks good. It reminds me of the Halo 2D indie project for PC from a ways back.

You can grab the Halobound mod for Starbound right now from the official Starbound forum.

While the Halo mod has some great things in store for gamers, it's the Mass Effect mod that really steps up to take away the spotlight. This thing is massive and contains more than 88MB worth of new content. For a sprite-based game, that's pretty huge.

It's not surprising that the Mass Effect mod would be a pretty quick addition to the Starbound universe, given the strong similitude between the games and the way players can interact, travel and explore the galaxy either for diplomatic purposes or for war mongering.

The Mass Effect mod adds a bunch of N7 goodies, tons of new weapons, sexy new ships, new bad guys, new material, new units and brand new ways to unlock that little something-something in the bottom of your belly, and I'm not talking about that bean burrito that had a hard time going down and coming out, I'm talking about that inner ubermensch. You can take your galactic prowess to conquer the universe and reach brand new heights thanks to the mod.

The mod sports a brand new ship, the SR-1, everyone's favorite species from the BioWare series, as well as brand new biotic powers and weapons from the very popular space opera.

Poor form for the third game's ending or not, Mass Effect is a video game phenomenon that has its own cultural following, and it's nice to see some dedicated gamers paying a great homage to the series with this expansive mod.

PC Gamer had a fairly detailed write-up on the mod, as well as installation instructions for getting the mod up and running. You can grab the compressed file from the Starbound forums.

Both mods are well worth the time to install them if you're looking for something exciting and dynamic to help flesh out your Starbound experience. The game is available right now via Early Access on Steam, so be wary about buying into it right now because even though character wipes are no longer happening, world wipes are still a reality.

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