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A tool used to overview registered game entries with the Steam database has been updated with quite a few new entries from some interesting parties. By interesting parties I mean Microsoft registering the Halo trilogy on Steam along with Lococycle and Age of Conan. Other entries include Fast And Furious 6, Fex SNK Playmore's King of Fighters XIII and the standalone version of DayZ.

Gamechup spotted the news and offers insight into the legitimacy of these entries, as some of you know the above listed games are exclusive to some platforms. However, late last year it was confirmed that Fez would be coming to other platforms and Gamechup also spotted a highlight from a senior product manager for Microsoft who was tasked with the job of finding new monetization methods for the games and entertainment division, with a clear reference to Valve's Steam as a possible option.

Many around the gaming enthusiast block have also noted that the Steam database app is mostly accurate when it comes to registered game entries. It's certainly not far off the par with the DayZ entry, as Dean “Rocket” Hall recently announced that Bohemia Interactive would be commencing a light alpha test for the core mechanics soon.

Also, just recently we reported on the multiplatform port for Resident Evil: Revelations arriving on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We know Capcom is a pretty big supporter of Steam and seeing the entry below for RE: Revelations makes a lot of sense, adding further support and evidence to the legitimacy of these entries.

Anyway, you can check out the complete list of games recently registered in the Steam database below. Whether they'll actually appear anytime soon remains to be seen but if most people are claiming that the database is accurate and we find more evidence that suggests so, then it's only going to be good times ahead for PC gamers, especially with the Halo trilogy inbound and two of the best KOF collage games with 2002 and '98, along with the latest entry, King of Fighters XIII.

· DayZ
· La-Mulana
· The Splatters
· Octodad: Dadliest Catch Beta
· Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (Duke Nukem 3D+)
· Super House of Dead Ninjas
· Fez
· LucasArts Test App
· Fast and Furious 6
· Lococycle
· Yogventures!
· Hardware
· Hardware (Demo)
· The Hobbit
· Dyad
· Cut the Rope
· Shadow Warrior Complete
· Hardware (VIP)
· Hardware (Internal)
· Retro/Grade
· Resident Evil: Revelations
· Quantum Conundrum 2
· The Witness
· Angry Birds Space
· Angry Birds Seasons
· Second Life
· Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
· PayDay 2
· Age of Conan
· Anarchy Online
· Halo: Combat Evolved
· Halo 2
· Halo 3