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Capcom has detailed the next patch for crossover fighter Street Fighter X Tekken. Infinite combos will finally be removed among a myriad of changes.

The gameplay patch, as detailed below, will go live on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in mid-May.
  • Kazuya Restand glitch infinite combo has been removed.
  • Kuro cr.MP infinite has been removed.
  • Xiaoyu QCB MP infinite has been removed.
  • Pacman Hit back on LP and LK has been changed so infinite has been removed.
  • Jin Chop Kick Glitch on mid air opponents has been fixed.
  • When first hit of Kazama Style 6 Hit Combo is a counter hit, Jin is at +2F now.
  • Ogre Damage properties of cr.HP have been changed so follow ups are now not possible.
  • Shikusen causes opponents to be pushed back less far when blocked.
  • Zangief Last hit of Quick Double Lariat (3rd hit) will no longer hit crouching opponents.
  • M.Bison 5th hit of his Super Art (Knee Press Nightmare) can now be blocked normally.
  • Jump/lever input bug Addresed issue where diagonal inputs/jumps did not come out properly.
  • Throw/Character Change glitch Fixed a bug for certain characters that allowed for them to get thrown when initiating a character switch.
  • Quick Combo Priority of command inputs has been changed so glitches that came from activating quick combos in the air have been removed.
Other character changes includes Juri Senpusha's frames on block:
  • L ver. stand block -5F
  • M ver. stand block -10F
  • M ver. crouch block -10F
The dive kick properties for Rufus' Falcon Kick have also been altered:
  • Hurt box added to his feet and the move no longer crosses up easily.
  • Frames on block have been modified to -4F
The game came under fire throughout most of March and April for the issues finally being addressed in the mid-May patch. Nevertheless, this still doesn't absolve the uneasiness a lot of gamers feel regarding Capcom's inclusion of disc-locked content, which created a wave of negative press throughout the hardcore gaming circles. Street Fighter X Tekken is set for release on PC on May 11th and it will be released this fall for the PS Vita, where the 12 additional characters will also become available on home consoles.