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The very first gameplay trailer for Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One has gone live. What do we get? A game that looks to combine Jet Set Radio, Jumping Flash and Dead Rising into one crazy, over-the-top explosion of hilarity and ridiculousness.

Nerd Burglars was one of the first sites to get their hands on a few different versions of the trailers, one being in Spanish for those of you who don't have English as your first language, as well as the second version of the trailer (which is embedded above) that is ripe with 'Murican speak.

Insomniac Games' third-person shooter looks like it contains a lot of movement and momentum, and is splashed throughout with a railway of colors that explode to the screen through gameplay that seems as if it were squeezed through the moans of a sunset's orgasm.

At least the gameplay seems very reminiscent of what was showcased in the original CG debut trailer at E3 last year. Here's a quick reminder in case you forgot.

Oh that's right, it's easy to have forgotten about Sunset Overdrive due to Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot with the kind of DRM policies that made Mussolini look like a benevolent philanthropist.

I mean, here's a company who focuses their entire console reveal around the functionality of watching TV on your TV and requiring a daily internet check-in, catering to such a small audience with a device where more than 60% of the world's population wouldn't be able to make use of it, as noted by the LA Times.

Unfortunately, Microsoft's foot-shooting overshadowed so much of their own exclusives, such as Sunset Overdrive, pretty much like Obamacare taking over more of the public discussion than the fact that there is no such thing as living in a first-world country and having privacy to protect.

Leading up to this year's E3, Insomniac Games decided to take the ball and run through their own court, far and away from any potential controversies they could suffer at the hands of leaving Microsoft to their own devices in getting the game up and out there for the public to consume. Heck, it's a little like teaching yourself about homeopathy and nutrition to avoid having to pay for a doctor's visit only to be told that your cholesterol is a little high and your sphincter is a bit too tight. Of course, that's nothing a tofu-burrito with Italian pasta sauce can't cure.

I can't say I'm completely sold on Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive. It's an interesting premise with some interesting looking guns, but the gameplay itself doesn't completely have me won over.

We'll undoubtedly see more of this title during Microsoft's conference at this year's E3. Assuming the Micro 'S' can avoid whipping out a six shooter and putting more holes in their feet than a heroin-shooting Hollywood celebrity.

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