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Survey Says: Xbox 360 Failure Rate At 16 Percent

A new report based on warranty claims has put a more definitive number on the failure rate for Xbox 360 consoles. SquareTrade took a sample of 1000 warranty claims and found that Microsoft’s block of red rings had a 16.4 percent failure rate. This is fantastic news! It looks like the 360 isn’t as much of a failure as we’d thought. Thank goodness, because that 30 percent failure rate being bandied about was embarrassing. This is so much better.

The Playstation 3 and Wii fared much better in the study, with failure rates at around 3 percent. Is anyone at all surprised at the finding? I certainly don’t care any more. Listening as the Chicken Littles ran around talking about 80 percent failure rates and the end of gaming because of the red ring o’ death has been nauseating. Then we have to listen to Microsoft claim the failure rate is in the acceptable single digits, or that the 360 will be the most stabilist (new word invented here today) of them all yo.

This is a piece of hardware, and yes shit can go wrong in manufacturing. Microsoft fucked up, and last year they did everything to reconcile the situation. The extended warranty and treatment of customers who have experienced unreasonable problems due to manufacturing defects have gotten recompense. I’m sitting here playing games on my second console, which is still one of the early generation versions, and I wonder when it’ll give out on me. But I also know that I’m covered when it does. In essence, I’m over the whole issue. I’ve moved on with my life and let go of petty problems. When a company offers to replace or fix hardware I bought up to 3 years ago for free, I smile and walk away.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.