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505 Games' formerly titled The Swarm has been renamed into MorphX, because obviously The Swarm was probably too high-brow for the teenage, comic-reading fanboys who are likely to play MorphX when it launches this June.

According to the press release…
While searching for an antidote to cure their allies, players have a variety of weapons-including firearms, clubs, plasma projectors and grenades -- for melee or ranged combat against enemies.

There are also mini-games and puzzles present for gamers who like putting that pound of mush in their head to some good use while blasting bad guys away with the latest in high-tech projectile weaponry.

The game revolves around morphing into an alien and using the new powers to thwart enemies, similar to Dark Sector or a low-brow version of District 9. The new screenshots are below. For more info on MorphX, be sure to visit the Official Website.

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