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Syphon Filter 5 The New Metal Gear Solid 4?

Given that Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots was the last game featuring Solid Snake, gamers are going to need a new icon for stealth and spy-action on the PS3. And since Ubisoft won’t share Same Fisher from Splinter Cell: Conviction with PS3 gamers, Sony is going to need to redefine how gamers experience stealth-action for the PlayStation 3. So why not Syhon Filter 5?

Konami’s franchise beast, Metal Gear Solid, has well over 20 million copies sold and boasts some of the best cinematic story-telling and espionage action around. But with Solid Snake retired from the MGS series, it’s time to recycle an old PlayStation icon, to help maintain badassism in the world of badasses. So why not bring back Gabe Logan, the groggy voiced espionage agent? Well, Sony is bringing him back.

Just recently, PlayStationLifeStyle has unveiled a rather enticing discovery: PCB Productions is part of the production crew who handled the facial animations for the cinematics in Syphon Filter 5. Yes folks, Syphon Filter 5 is not some slippery rumor or some greasy, factless news whore, it’s actually coming out on the PlayStation 3.

This could not have come at a better time, given that the PS3 could use some more iconic characters to promote throughout the industry. Right now we only have the masks of the Helghast army, the average but kick-butt Drake, the bald and indescribable Nathan Hale from Resistance and, of course, Kratos from God of War. Only Kratos stands out as a historic gaming figure…Drake won’t be recognizable as a gaming standard until maybe his third game. Nevertheless, Gabe Logan already has a history with gamers for more than a decade, so it’s about time he starts making some waves in a PS3, Syphon Filter entry.

This is also good news for PS3 owners who may have been feeling left out of the Splinter Cell: Conviction circle. At this junction the PS3 will still have Metal Gear Online, but will receive the added bonus of some renewed, and rekindled espionage interaction from Syphon Filter. And given that the facial mo-cap is finished, it means that the dialogue is already finished, which means that cinematic sequences are either being put in place or are already put in place for the characters.

Sadly, if the game is using pre-rendered CG then the game could still be a ways off from release. But if the motion-capture was used for in-game cinematic sequences then it means that the game could be closer to release than we know. If the latter is true, Syphon Filter 5 may need some pre-announcement hype if it's to become as recognized or news worthy as MGS4 was.

You can check out how PlayStationLifeStyle came across this news by clicking on the link. For more news and info on all things gaming, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.