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A kick-butt new trailer for TRON: Evolution was released featuring some off the wall, light-cycle spawning, disc dismembering action and it lets gamers know that whether they’re prepared or not, a war is coming. The trailer is a non-stop look at some of the interesting features present in the game.

Given that in this day and age parkour is all the rage right now, it also happens to be featured in TRON: Evolution. Players can wall-run, obstacle hop and make leaps and bounds across surfaces in order to get from one destination to another. The light-cycles also play a fairly significant part in the gameplay, although there’s less of the 90-degree wall-riding as some Tron aficionados might be expecting.

You can check out the new trailer for the game below, or visit the Official Website to learn more about TRON: Evolution, which is due out on December 7th for home game consoles.

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