The extent of TV talk for Microsoft's E3 press conference will only go as far as having them on stage to show off and talk about all the games the company has lined up for the system's holiday launch, opposite of Microsoft's May 21st reveal of the Xbox One console...or so, this is what Microsoft's community front-man, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, has relayed to gamers.

In both a post on Twitter and on his own website, Major Nelson stated that...
I mentioned this on Twitter but it's worth repeating: I can confirm that we will have TV's (or similar) on stage to show games. That should be the extent of TV talk in your #E3

Well good, because I didn't want to hear about a game console for my TV that allows me to watch TV on my TV. I think we've had enough of that.

Nelson's careful address and wording aims to illicit some form of confidence in what Microsoft has in store in just nine days at this year's upcoming E3 event. Also, after the public backlash MS has said that E3 will be about Xbox One games, games and more games.

This show of confidence, however, comes on the public heels of Sony reiterating old claims (now new) that the PlayStation 4 will be DRM-free when it comes to used games. You won't have to worry about used game fees, always-on internet requirements or mandatory 24 hour check-ins like the Xbox One.

According to Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Microsoft will be addressing the Xbox One's consumer policies soon. I have no idea how the company will handle this or what they will do to fix the situation nothing short of doing a complete 180 and having Steve Ballmer trot in front of press and say “Yo, y'all...we dun goofed, we ungoofing it up in here: No DRM, no used game fees, no check-ins, no watching you masturbate with Kinect. You can shut that sh*t down and still play ya games. Peace out, y'all!”

That would clear everything up and even award Microsoft some hipster points.

As it stands, though, a lot of people are completely and entirely livid with woeful airs looming over their every forum board post; YouTube videos of Xbox One presentations are filled to the 500 character brim of wrothful rants and irascible tirades, all while filling up Xbox-related hashtags with 140 character soliloquys of rancid hate and dire disappointment.

Fix all this pathetic poetry-worthy behavior from the gaming community Microsoft. The Xbox brand deserves better...the fanboys deserve more than this. You owe them that much.

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