Media Molecule, the team best known for creating the LittleBigPlanet franchise, are hard at work on their newest title, Tearaway for the PlayStation Vita, and today have launched a story/gameplay trailer that shows off the game's creative papercraft world, as well as some of the more tactile gameplay.

With Sony's Game Day 2013 event scheduled for tomorrow, it's no surprise we're seeing more and more info pop up concerning titles like God of War: Ascension for the PS3 and Killzone: Mercenary, Dark Sacrifice and Tearaway for the PlayStation Vita. At this point, you kind of have to wonder if they're even saving any of the big reveals for tomorrow's official event.

But just because we seem to be getting the goods early doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to enjoy them. And that's exactly what you should do with this charming new trailer for Tearaway.

In Tearaway, the player will help an adorable delivery person drop off a very important message. The playable male character, iota (No, it's not supposed to be capitalized), was revealed when the game was first announced last year. Now Media Molecule has placed the female character, atoi, on display for all to see on the PlayStation Blog.

No matter which character you play as, your goal is simple: Deliver your message at any cost. Along the way, you'll have to navigate tricky environments, avoid monsters and even help some villagers catch a nasty wendigo (as seen in the above trailer) along the way.

What sets Tearaway apart, aside from its unique aesthetics, is the fact that the player will have a direct impact on the game world as their fingers (kinda) literally punch through the Vita's back touchscreen to interact with the environment.

No word yet on Tearaway's release date but, considering how fantastic the LittleBigPlanet series has been, I'm totally cool with Media Molecule taking their time to make sure this latest offering is just as special.

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