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Will There Be A Parappa The Rapper 3? You Gotta Believe!

Pop quiz, muffin top. What music game is just as fun to play as Guitar Hero but doesn’t have a cool rocking controller that comes with it? I’ll give you a few seconds to think it over…Still no? Oh, come on, man! Parappa the Rapper, of course! And according to, which is getting ITS information from EGM, word’s out that a sequel to the popular red cap wearing pup will be coming out for the PS3 sometime in the far off future.

How this will affect the look of the paper thin sketched game is still up in the air, but I’m certain the sequel will retain the colorful, turn-around-and-I-see-you’re-only-2D graphics that made Parappa such a weird and wonderful game in the first place. I’m just hoping the tracks are better than they were in second game. Some of those songs were God awful.

In other Parappa news, sometime in mid-July we should be seeing the game that started it all come out on the PSP. And while I’m not sure if anything’s been added to the game besides multi-player wireless play (Perhaps the rumored ninja level that was supposed to occur if you did something secret in the frog’s segment), I know playing through it again is sure to bring on some of that good ‘ole fashioned nostalgia. I just hope my memory doesn’t serve me too well that it prevents me from buying it all over again when I remember how painfully short it was. Maybe putting in UmJammer Lammy as a added bonus would sooth my grumbling wallet. But alas, most times, life just doesn’t work that way.

Rich Knight

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