The latest title from BitComposer is Thunder Wolves, and it's an arcade-style aerial shoot 'em up that throws players back into some old-school explosive gaming action. We don't get many titles like this anymore and they sort of hearken back to the Metal Slug and Virtua Cop era.

As noted in the press release...
In this two-fisted arcade shooter, Thunder Wolves, the player becomes part of this formidable group of pilots who carry out every order, no matter how dangerous, with unequalled precision and speed. Protecting an oil platform, destroying a chemical factory, or stopping advancing enemies in their tracks - their goal is nothing less than saving the world, and this requires staying a step ahead of the terrorists by finding out just what they are planning.

Thunder Wolves will be available on PC and home consoles. BitComposer is actually doing something a little different and releasing first on PC via Steam and then later the game will arrive for the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network at an undisclosed date. What's so unique about that is usually multiplatform games are designed first for home consoles (usually Xbox 360) and then after they make their money in the home console arena they then move on over to the PC sector to reap whatever else they can. It's nice to see the PC getting a little love first, this time around.

I'm definitely liking the old-school, fun-first gaming approach that BitComposer is taking with Thunder Wolves, it's such a breath of fresh air from all the hyper-serious, completely unrealistic dude-bro shooters out there.

You can look for Thunder Wolves to launch on Steam beginning May 15th for $9.99. For more information feel free to visit the official website.

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