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TimeSplitters 4 Campaign Nears 20,000 Mark

A few days ago a group of eager gamers willing to show that the gaming community can come together to get games made the old fashioned way, by yelling and shouting for them.

Well, the TimeSplitters 4 campaign is targeting 100,000 fans. If they reach their goal Crytek just might make an effort to make TimeSplitters 4 a reality. The frontrunner of the campaign, Daniel Wesoly, spoke openly about the intentions of the campaign and the long road to success in a new interview with Nintendo World Report.

When asked how he got on the trailer of promoting TimeSplitters 4, a game which Crytek CEO says may never happen in the traditional manner due to no publisher wanting to fund the game, Wesoly said...

In all honesty, I have been trying to get the word out about Timesplitters for over three years now with the guys over at Timesplittersportal.We were always getting our hopes built up with possible announcements of a new Timesplitters, but it always fell through or never showed. I remember a few months ago a site showed up saying they had seen Timesplitters 4 in action and was set for an E3 reveal this year, but obviously if you followed E3, it was a no show. It was getting tiring; I would constantly speak to people about spreading the word, but it'd only get a few feet off the ground before tumbling down. The thing is, the Timesplitters community is scattered. They are hiding in holes, trying to escape today's generic military crap. Our campaign is trying to dig them out of the holes and tell them its okay, we are your freedom fighters.

I think hitting the 100,000 mark would be a lot easier with a bit more support. There are a ton of TimeSplitters fans who are scattered, who probably just don't care about shooters anymore due to the over-saturation of the Hollywood blockbuster military shooter-fest.

Getting gamers out of those holes and back into the role of supporting a long lost franchise may prove to be challenging. But there's definitely a market for something different and Wesoly believes that now is the perfect time to bring back this offbeat FPS, saying...

Look at most gaming sites, and what do you see? Military shooters. They are everywhere; this isn't news to anyone. Now before Call of Duty fans jump down my throat, I did enjoy the first one, and I even got the second one. But after that, I stopped because I couldn't stand what they were doing anymore. It was the same rehashed crap.Timesplitters delivers the fun and action of the games we have mostly forgotten about such as Quake and Unreal Tournament 2004. Who wants to shoot the same, remodeled soldiers when you can set up a match in Timesplitters and have gingerbread men fighting human soldiers, while stone golems are launching rockets at flesh eating zombies!

It's true, I used to setup matches of robots versus zombies, animals versus soldiers, and freaks vs normals. My favorite opponent was Robert Louis-Stevenson...oh, how difficult it used to be to down that mighty goliath (there was also an actual robot character named Goliath, too).

TimeSplitters was pretty cool for also having tons and tons and tons of options. It was very similar to the original Perfect Dark on the N64, which isn't much of a surprise given that a lot of the guys from Rare actually worked on TimeSplitters.

As it stands, the TimeSplitters 4 campaign still needs a lot of help in getting the word out there and right now, as of the publishing of this article, the fan number sits at 19,857 out of 100,000. So they've definitely made progress in a short period of time but they still have a ways to go.

Crytek has some things in store for gamers if they can hit the 100,000 mark, as it'll prove that gamers still have a renewed interest in the franchise. You can learn more by paying a visit to the TimeSplitters 4 Facebook Page or you can check out the rest of the interview with Daniel Wesoly over at Nintendo World Report.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.