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Respawn will allow Xbox One gamers to try out Titanfall prior to the game's March launch. This morning they opened up registration for an alpha test.

To sign up, head to this page on The only thing you have to do is log into Origin. There's no form to fill out.

"Your application to participate is complete," says the application's confirmation page. "If you are selected to take part in our upcoming test, you will receive an email in the coming days with a unique code and instructions on how to download and access the game on Xbox One. Thank you!"

The contents of the alpha weren't mentioned. It's not hard to imagine what they are, though. Players will probably get to try out a map or two from the game along with some of the weapons.

Respawn includes many former Call of Duty developers but Titanfall isn't trying to beat COD at its own game. It's a completely different beast: a mixture of parkour and mechs. Also, unlike many competing shooters, it doesn't have a single-player campaign.

I'm happy Respawn has decided to let players test-drive Titanfall while it's still in development. I think the whole controversy over the 6v6 player count stemmed from the fact that people don't have a completely clear image of the game. Though Titanfall has been hyped up, it's still a new IP so putting the game into players' hands as soon as possible is a smart move.

While this alpha doesn't include Xbox 360 and PC gamers, players on those platforms may get a chance to play Titanfall pre-launch. It's possible that Respawn will hold a wider test when the game enters beta. The developers haven't confirmed whether or not they'll be doing that, though.

Titanfall will launch simultaneously on Xbox 360, PC, and Xbox One in March. Xbox One gamers will be able to purchase a limited edition controller inspired by the game.

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