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Ubisoft has announced the actor signed on to play Sam Fisher in the upcoming Splinter Cell movie, and it turns out to be Bane himself, Tom Hardy.

I'm not going to lie. After seeing The Dark Knight Rises, I pretty much want Hardy to maintain the Bane voice in every film he does from now on. Just imagining Fisher spouting off the “and then I will allow you to die” line, while terrible, also ranks pretty high on my “awesome stuff” meter.

Variety is reporting that even though the Splinter Cell film adaptation is still extremely early in the movie-making-magic process, Hardy has at least signed on to play the part of series protagonist Sam Fisher. While a studio hasn't even been picked to produce the film, it is known that Eric Warren Singer (The International and the Aeon Flux TV series) has been brought on to write up the screenplay.

“Tom Hardy is currently one of the biggest talents in the film industry, and he has a phenomenal ability to take on complex and varied roles with his broad range of acting skills,” Ubisoft CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet told Variety.

Just a reminder to all those involved in making the Splinter Cell film that a top-notch actor does not necessarily a quality movie make. Not to be too negative this early on, but this sounds an awful lot like the build up to Mark Wahlberg playing in his not-so-awesome leading role in the Max Payne film.

All I'm saying is, let's just hope that the remainder of the folks who get tied to the Splinter Cell film are just as talented at their jobs as Hardy is at acting.

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