Square Enix has released the final box art for their Tomb Raider reboot. In a break from Tomb Raider tradition, the focus of the box art isn't Lara Croft's chest.

In the box art, Lara stands in a shoreline cave while a storm rages. Her hand's bandaged and she's bleeding profusely from her arm. She holds a bow and arrow at her side.

Even with all the dirt and the blood, she still looks good. Nonetheless, she looks markedly different than she did on the cover of earlier games. She looks more like an actual person and less like a pin-up.

The style of this box art reflects the overall premise of the reboot. In this game, Lara isn't shooting bats out of the air with a pair of uzis while doing back-flips like in past Raider installments.. She's fresh out of the academy and trapped on a remote, dangerous island. The game's about a struggle for survival, rather than a thrill-seeking adventure for ancient treasure.

It remains to be seen whether the development team at Crystal Dynamics will be able to leave the old Lara behind completely and present a newer, better alternative. The box art indicates they're focused on doing just that, though.

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