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The Caves and Cliffs Map Pack, the first post-launch DLC for the Tomb Raider, is now available on the Xbox 360. This batch of new multiplayer content can be downloaded for 400 Microsoft Points, or $5.

Tomb Raider's competitive multiplayer pits the crew of the Endurance against the island's scavengers. Players can customize their character with weapons and abilities. They'll level up and unlock new upgrades with each match.

Caves and Cliffs adds three maps, called the Scavenger Caverns, Cliff Shantytown, and the Burning Village. These locales are all pretty self-explanatory. They support standard deathmatches as well as objective-based modes.

The DLC is a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. No word on how long this exclusivity period will last. This is the only only one piece of Tomb Raider DLC arriving early on 360.

Tomb Raider launched two weeks ago. If you're wondering whether you should pick it up, read our review.