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Tomba 2 PSone Import Gets Details, Gunslugs For Vita Gets Trailer

There are a bunch of games coming out on the PlayStation Network tomorrow afternoon, two of which have received some extra info in recent blog posts. The team at MonkeyPaw Games have shed a bit of extra light on their newest PSone import, Tomba 2, while Abstract Games’ have offered up a Q&A concerning their latest Vita shooter, Gunslugs, not to be confused with Metal Slug.

As we announced this morning, this is going to be yet another busy week for new games across the PlayStation 3, PS4 and Vita. Not to be lost amidst the AAA offerings and games about giant killer bugs are a couple of off the beaten path titles gamers who like to play on the fringes might enjoy.

First up is Tomba 2, the Japanese import version of the PSone Classic. The interesting thing to not here is that Tomba 2 actually came out in the states but, according to MonkeyPaw, there were too many hitches in the licensing process to get that version of the game brought over to PSN. So they did the next best thing instead, bringing over an imported version of the Japanese game.

Being a pretty basic platformer (But don’t think “basic” means “not fun”) Tomba 2 can be played just fine without being able to read a lick of Japanese. Sure, it’d be nice to have the story to go along with the adventure but, let’s face it, the story wasn’t all that amazing to begin with. This is a game with a strong emphasis on fun running, jumping and smashing, and that’s something that we can all understand no matter what language the game is in.

Tomba 2 continues the adventure of the wild, pink-haired jungle boy but, this time, he is out to save a friend that mysteriously disappeared,” reads a statement from MonkeyPaw’s PR Manager, Ryan Olsen. “That will lead Tomba on a quest through some unique locations that will highlight the blend of 2D/3D platforming gameplay that makes the series unique.”

And then there’s Gunslugs for the PS Vita, a retro-themed throwback to bullet-blasting fragfests like Metal Slug (Similar name, too!) and Contra.

If you like jumping around the screen, dodging enemy fire while laying waste to the opposition with a ridiculous number of weapons and upgrades, then this one has your name written all over it.

Gunslugs will be available during its first week on the Vita for a discounted 20 percent off, which I’m told will put it at around two bucks to purchase. To help you decide if that’s two bucks you’re willing to part with, here’s a quick look at what the game has to offer.

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