Social networking isn't all bad; in some regards the only way you might find out about new hotness no. 438 is because of one social networking tool or another. Well, one such site, PeekYou, is offering gamers a useful way to see which indie devs (and their games) have really taken to the community space in terms of recognition, fan engagement and more, in a top listing based on a web-importance scale.

A lot of names on the list below will probably look awfully familiar to you, probably because the following indie games attached to the designers garnered quite a bit of buzz throughout the year, including titles like Hotline Miami, FTL and Journey. The rankings are based on “digital footprints”, or how well the developer engaged in social media, how often they were searched, and how frequently their name came up in correlation with the game.

Seeing Jenova Chen up near the top should come as no surprise, but I'm sure some of you might be questioning how Spelunky HD beat it out? Well, that's just how Derek Yu rolls and let's not forget that Spelunky is a multiplatform title, so it's rocking both console and PC Master Race fans.

You can check out the full list below courtesy of PeekYou.

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