Top Diablo 3 Players Are Botters; No Bans In Sight

Are you proud of the high-end kills you've received while playing Diablo III and farming for the most awesomest gear? Well, your kills mean nothing and your gear is equivalent to the dirty sheep skin from a Kazakhstan herd that bathes in feces. Why? Botters own you and will forever own the top rankings of Diablo III according to a site that ranks the top players in the world.

The top 20 players for Diablo III have a combined 5,279,188 Elite kills according to Diablo Progress, a website that tracks player stats. According to a Reddit post, the top player in the game, a certain Ali#2398, has a total of 301,529 Elite kills, which roughly translates into 1,595 hours of playtime, which means he's been playing everyday all day for the last 2.3 months straight. Either this guy mastered his hydration intake unlike certain Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players or he's found a way to cheat death while gaming non-stop, something other Diablo III players haven't been able to achieve without dying.

Now, many of you are questioning how these people can be considered bots and what evidence lends itself to the accusation of botting? Well, Mr. Ali#2398 has a 263% gold find with a 40 yard pickup radius and according to his profile has never completed any Inferno content. Hm. Isn't that somewhat suspicious that some guy who apparently plays all day long, non-stop since the game's release, hasn't completed any Inferno content? His other two characters, which you can scope out thanks to Blizzard's new profile viewer are low-level newbs that hasn't done jack squat, so it's not like this guy is leveling multiple characters or experimenting with classes. He's been playing all day to farm gold. Non-stop. Hmm, that sounds an awful lot like a certain other bannable offense that involves scripts, no?

Anyway, the Reddit thread calls for pitchforks and torches. A thread made on Blizzard's official forum was promptly deleted because Blizzard doesn't do pitchforks and torches. They're more like silencers to the back of the head or 800 meter headshots with a sniper rifle, leaving people guessing what the heck just happened. Shock and awe.

Still, many gamers are wondering why Blizzard hasn't dropped the ban-hammer on these guys if it's obvious what's going on. Some devil advocates proposed that there isn't enough hard evidence to suggest these guys are hacking, perhaps they just game all day long with no jobs, life, school or responsibilities in life and that Blizzard doesn't want to drop the ban-hammer on the wrong guys, sort of like what happened with the now infamous Linux bans. Others mentioned that Blizzard only bans in waves, but the obvious question was asked: why haven't these guys been banned or why have they been missed in the ban waves if they've been playing since the game's launch?

Blizzard hasn't been able to catch much a break thanks to a lot of problems either associated with Diablo III's always-on DRM or the Real-Money Auction House. It astounds me that the company would be so adamant in reinforcing the two features which have systematically destroyed their entire reputation. Legit consumers have suffered botting, duping, hacks and exploits because of the RMAH and always-on and yet they insist on keeping them. Oh well.

We'll keep you posted if Blizzard ever decides to respond to all those other pressing issues we notified them about a few weeks ago.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.